WQF middle quadrathlon 2018 - závod english - Czech outdoor tour, český seriál outdoorových štafetových závodů

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WHEN: 19.5.2018

WHERE: Lazinov, dam Křetínka, Jihomoravský kraj, Česká republika

COMPOSITION: swimming - 1,5 km, bike - 40 km, kayak - 8 km, run - 10 km

Juniors 18-19
U23 20-22
Elite 23-39
Masters 40+
Masters 50+
Masters 60+
Seniors 70+
Relays (4athletes) open race

Organizer reserves the right to merge categories if they are not in one category at least 3 competitors. Competitors in the relay category can be any age and gender.

START: 10:30 AM


END OF APPLICATIONS: until May 15, 2018 only through www.czechoutdoortour.cz, then May 19, 2018 to 9:00 am on the spot during the presentation

PROGRAM : will be added


For Czech competitors is the amount of the entry fee depends on the date of payment, for foreign competitors depends on the date of registration for the race (foreign competitor can pay the fee on the spot).


Until 20.03.2018 35 € 60 €
Until 15.05.2018 40 € 70 €
From 16.05.2018 50 € 80 €

Awards: financial and material prices - will be specified

on designated parking lots in the village of Lazinov - for competitors and the public - follow the instructions of the organizers
The entrance to the parking lots only until 8:30am On May 19, 2018 - after that entry will not be allowed except accompanying vehicles and television.


Refreshments are provided directly on the premises - restaurants, fast food.
Refreshments for racers - drinks, fruits, biscuits - when changing disciplines or passing through.


Possibility of accommodation in your own tent or caravan at www.orli-hnizdo.er.cz
or surrounding guesthouses
Other options are in village Letovice and other neighborhood


Everyone races at their own responsibility! Paying the entry fee contestant confirms that he agrees with the conditions of the race and will completely comply with all the rules, will compete in the spirit of fair play.Use of neoprene is mandatory! Helmet for bicycle part is mandatory!Riding in the hitch is not allowed.
1) the race is followed by the WQF Rules 2018
2) helmet for the cycling part must be safety approved by an officially recognized standardization and testing authority, the cycling helmets must be securely fastened at all times during the cycling course from the moment of leaving the transition area until re-entering it
3) the use of wetsuit in swim part is followed by the WQF Rules
4) the use of life-jackets in kayak section is recomended
5) Participants may not receive any assistance. Only in refreshment stations and in health problems.
6) the comissaries of the event, in representation of the organizer, will have absolute authority to disqualify any participant who does not conform to the established regulations
7) medical personnel have the absolute power to prohibit the participation of any person they consider to be inappropriate to continue in a plant which may be dangerous to their health.
8) while any assistance or aid between competitors is forbinden, in case of danger it is obligatory to give help
9) each participant takes overall responsibility for his / her own well-being during the race and everyone is obliged to prove that their personal health is compatible with participation in the event before the start of the event, it is obligatory for participants to be insured against personal injury
10) competitors under the age of 18 may enter only with valid medical sports certificate
11) Competitors short-distance quadriathlon may not bid, ie take shelter for or next to another competitor during the cycle segment
12) The competitor is obliged to have the competitor's number visible from the organizer. Non-compliance will be disqualified.

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